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About Us

Our Purpose

Our reliability professionalism since 2002 and our contracting experience since 2007 has taught us the core investment around the principle of plan, do, check and act.  We are proud to be a Saskatchewan based company with best value pricing, first place customer relations and small business potential to grow with customer requirements.  We are reliability professionals with purpose, led by our greatest asset—our people.

We are passionate to be a value-added source to your company strategy; to succeed together through our strengths and experiences we’ll be strongest together.

Our Principles

We are responsive, result driven and accountable to provide the resources and professionalism we say we do.

Safety, quality of workmanship and integrity of our services are of utmost conviction.  We believe in innovation, provide leadership and strategic resources to complete your company values and goals as if they’re our own. We strive together through continuous improvement , site examples or case studies and strategic brain storming resulting in world class value-driven maintenance programs.

Together, we are better.

Our Priorities

  • Develop and engage our people as they are decision holders for the success of their own careers and our company culture.
  • Work together to build an enriched working platform focused on guiding principles and fairness which excites people to enjoy their work environment.
  • Grow and strengthen our business through excellent support and service only a Saskatchewanian would understand.
  • Deliver exceptional services with profound safety, health, environment and quality for you and all stakeholders that depend on your integrity programs to drive change.