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Benchmark Reliability Now a IIoT Sensor Distributor for Nanoprecise Sci Corp

Benchmark Reliability Services Inc. understands asset management and reliability best practices.  We provide world class solutions and people to help companies achieve success with defect elimination, workflow communications and establishing maintenance strategies.

We’re very proud to join forces with Nanoprecise Sci Corp who has the same vision with customer service that we do yet improves our portfolio with technology and options on how to manage assets.  The Nanoprecise RotationLF sensor is a multi-tool sensor with excellent value including a remaining life calculation based on ASNT standards.  Nanoprecise’s patented RPM detection through machine learning allow their sensor to be very accurate as the RPM value feeds the algorithm process for better results versus the competition.


At Benchmark Reliability, we understand the machines and asset strategy our customers want.  Our expertise on where IIoT technology will work for a cost effective return and where it fits within your existing reliability program is what we do. RotationLF sensors definitely have a time and place for everyone to benefit with uptime.

Please contact us anytime for further discussion on where the RotationLF can benefit your machine monitoring programs.  There are many advantages to this sensor and value in what it offers and provides:

  • Tri-axis Vibration (displacement, velocity and acceleration units)
  • Acoustical Ultrasound
  • Surface Temperature
  • Humidity
  • RPM
  • URL Security Certified
  • Intrinsic Rated C1, D2 soon to be C1, D1 (Aug. 2019)

Nanoprecise Sci Corp

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