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We’re very pleased to be working with our client who had enough of their existing maintenance strategy and now takes reliability and maintenance seriously with an eagerness to learn and better themselves.  There’s usually an initial hill to climb to any condition monitoring program where more predictive tools that are used, the more defects are found.  The incipient stage of the program can be overwhelming with balancing the workload, especially if the maintenance department is not on their game with a strategy.  This maintenance group is different!

We have numerous recent examples of defect elimination and following a proactive aggressive approach to work flow.  Their average number of days to close a CBM work notification is only 23 days!  We’ve implemented TANGO web reporting (www.tf7.com) for tracking all current field inspections and are starting to utilize operator “rounds logging” and electrical inspections.  Benchmark Reliability Services has been training and mentoring their lubrication team and established a route to monitor a critical gearbox using structure-borne ultrasound.  On the weekly ultrasound route our client recently found a lubrication defect on a slow speed gear coupling that only turns at 10rpm!  They identified an issue, shut the machine down, purge greased and verified their work.  They’re learning the reliability culture like a champ and this was a great example of the direction they’re heading.  With the right teamwork and leadership – great accomplishments and savings can be made!



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Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I'm a maintenance and reliability professional with numerous stories and examples of how maintenance strategy, technology and leadership are the glue for success. Being a reliability leader for almost 20 years in several different industries allows me to be at value for your specific problem. Let us build a maintenance program and mentor your team to help change to a proactive culture.