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Nanoprecise RotationLF Industrial IoT Sensor Detects Failing Gearbox

It’s real, it’s friendly, it’s the latest technology to assist with industrial asset management and change your game.  Taking care of your rotating assets can be very challenging – are you restricted in labour resources, do safety permits or environments slow or limit your ability to do inspections?  There are many reasons why you need artificial intelligence (AI) to assist you in managing your facility, sometimes you even need to learn how your operations affects the asset health of the machine.  The RotationLF sensor provides detailed vibration diagnostics with three axis measurements, plus it also measures; acoustic emissions, surface temperature, magnetic flux, humidity and RPM.  These tools provide an excellent coverage for typical machine failure modes. The complex algorithms of the RotationLF IIoT sensor can be used on a variety of different machines and RPM ranges, providing almost limitless opportunities on where it can save you downtime.

The attached case study showcases the sensor being used on a multi-stage gearbox.  A gearbox can be one of the more complex machines in any facility with several running frequencies.  Different gears, bearings, shafts and resonances constantly changing with load and RPM usually requires a vibration or condition monitoring expert to detect these potential defects at an early stage.  The RotationLF sensor identified a failing bearing which provided the precious time to plan and schedule a routine gearbox replacement versus an unplanned event that may cause costly downtime.  Our new technical friend, an excellent tool that provides flexibility on how you manage your facility and maintenance strategy.



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