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IIoT Wireless Sensors

The Nanoprecise RotationLF Sensor is a cost-effective and highly accurate prediction of remaining time to reliability limit of any rotating equipment.  It is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) wireless sensor that includes tri-axial vibration, acoustic emissions and surface temperature for both early and late stage defects. This sensor is able to machine learn based on health updates and reports to real-time alerts and reports.  It is most of all user-friendly and uses a secure URL certified data transmission to cloud server which is available on dashboards and/or mobile devices.  It’s also intrinsic rated and already being utilized in the oil and gas sector, with a patented RPM detection algorithm to monitor your machinery with very high accuracy – no other competitor has this advantage and value in a single sensor!

We at Benchmark are a service provider for the RotationLF sensor and provide direction on the strategy behind the utilization and implementation of IIoT sensors to your reliability program.  One of the many things we can provide for you to help achieve maintenance excellence….

Please contact us or see Nanoprecise’s website at www.nanoprecisesc.com