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Workflow & Data Management


Implementing the Proactive Maintenance Model can be overwhelming at first as new inspection technologies and new culture transforms your maintenance strategy. Experienced project management, planning and scheduling should intervene focused around the Deming cycle. As your maintenance systems transform from reactive to proactive your team may need extra resources to fight the fight. It all begins with a good plan, thorough equipment lists, an asset maintenance strategy and professional resources. Benchmark Reliability Services can assist with these challenges from start to finish through the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle. In addition, the implementation of predictive technologies and mechanical integrity inspections create and use several different sources of analytical data derived from different software packages and field measurements coming from all different trades and sub contracted resources. Your team needs a handle on all this data, ways to manage it, measure it and make educated decisions from it utilizing your CMMS, database tools or web analytics and dashboard KPI’s – Benchmark can help your team establish your data platform so it’s done right the first time.